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V-Nine Inc. Located in Washington, DC is an importer, exporter and a distributor of meat, produce, seafood, spices and sauces. We specialize in Thai food products and service restaurants, grocery stores, delis and the general public. V-Nine is Washington, DC's largest and oldest Thai food distributor servicing over 250 clients. Our company strives to provide out clients with quality products and service whether it's from our on going items in our array or inventories to special items that our customers request. We are committed to excellence and quality.

The Story

Before starting V-Nine Inc., Vinai (owner) worked at several restaurants in the DMW for 20 years. Vinai noticed a common problem these restaurants shared - substandard delivery services. Seizing the opportunity, he started his own part-time delivery service, picking up goods from the Florida Ave Market and delivering to restaurants in the area,

Vinai's emphasis on excellent customer service, competitive prices and timely delivery was the answer restaurant owners had longed for. With Vinai's hard work and help from family and friends, V-Nine Inc. has grown from a single mini van to a fleet of delivery trucks servicing all of DC, Virginia and Maryland.

V-Nine Inc. now services a myriad of restaurants including Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, Caribbean, Mexican, American and Fusion cuisine. V-Nine Inc. also services hotels, universities, bakeries, grocery stores and other wholesale distributors.

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The Name

Interior Design

The Name V-Nine comes from the owner's real name, Vinai (pronounced V-Nine). Vinai started the company and spelled it with a "Nine" because in Thailand 9 is a lucky number. From www.thaizer.com "the number 9 which is supposed to bring most good fortune in Thailand. Not only is it 3x3, but the Thai word for nine, gao, has special status because it sounds similar to two other important Thai words: Now-nah can be translated as progress or moving forward whilst the staple food of Thailand, rice, is called khao. The importance given to the number 9 can be seen in a number of diverse ways and the belief cuts across Thai society from the highest to lowest."


The Community

V-Nine Inc. makes a difference in the community we serve. Since our inception, we have donated food to numerous charitable causes, including local churches, food banks and the Metropolitan Police Department. Each Thanksgiving, we open our doors and serve a warm, home-cooked meal to the less fortunate and homeless.

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    2130 Beaver Rd.
    Hyattsville, MD 20784
    Email: vnine.dc@gmail.com
    Phone: (240) 467-3949
    Seafood: (240) 467-5960
    Fax: (703) 207-9284


    Mon - Fri: 7A - 2:30P
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